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Plumbing in Palma

Proyectos y gestión integral de ingeniería

Proyectos y Gestión Integral de Ingeniería was born in January 2006, as a spin-off of a company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of facilities engineering.
The biggest capital of the company is the qualified and knowledgeable personnel. Our office consists of 6 professionals: 1 senior engineer, 1 technical engineer, 1 technical designer, 2 draughtsmen and 1 administrative.
Proyectos y Gestión Integral de Ingeniería has a system of teamwork with state-of-the-art computer support that allows the joint collaboration of all team members at a professional and data system level, while facilitating collaboration with architecture and engineering offices located throughout the national and foreign territory. We have a large data bank based on our work experience of over 10 years of teamwork, and an attitude of technological innovation to offer a product suitable to the demands of our customers.
Proyectos y Gestión Integral de Ingeniería carries out consultancy, projects and works supervision of the entire range of residential and hotel buildings, singular buildings, industrial buildings and administrative buildings, with the following specialties:

Electrical installation in Mallorca


Projects of electrical installations: Low Voltage, High Voltage and Transformation Centers.

Projects and integral engineering management in Palma

Renewable energy

Projects of installations with solar thermal energy for production of HWS and photovoltaic installations for electricity production.

renewable energy in Palma

Plumbing and Sanitation

Projects of electrical installations: Low Voltage, High Voltage and Transformation Centers.

distribution of water

Fire protection

Projects of fire detection and protection systems.



Projects of systems of centralized management of installations by computer.

air conditioning in Palma


Installation projects for Telephony, Television, Office Automation, Telematics and Public Address.

Home automation in Mallorca

Provision of services

Installation of services (gas, electricity, sanitary water, sanitation, etc.) in urbanization projects.

Plumbing in Palma

Air conditioning

Projects of air conditioning, heating, production of HWS and ventilation. Design of innovative systems integrating renewable energies.

system of fire detection


Projects of gas distribution and storage networks.

Electrical installation in Mallorca

License of activities

Projects for business activity licensing, according to current regulations required by the administrations.